martes, diciembre 15, 2009

This surely is a dream

So what? I might be awake for the next 24 hours and then something wrong is going to happen to me? Do you really think I'm not gonna be able to get up and stand up after my dream time? Of course I will, I always do. Do you think I'm doing this just because you asked me not? Don't you know I love caffeine? Don't you know I love to think about the day I'll see? Do you know anything about me at all? You don't have a clue... It doesn't matter, I haven't had enough time to notice if I'm wrong or right about you, in my dreams I can't even think about time because it doesn't exist... so I don't think this is my dream, I guess it's yours and I'm just another character telling you what to think about you and about me. But tell me is it really yours? Can you change me? Can you turn down the lights? Are you a product of my imagination?

Sure, there he was giving me his funniest, sweetest, little secret smile. I will never forget the first time we saw each other, I thought I'd never see him again; I mean we were so young when we met, and by that moment life was ours to dream and fly away as we wanted it. But after the last time, everything between us changed. I'm sure none of us knew it would happen that way, but there was nothing we could do. When I was 20 I used to think I was the same little girl who wrote notes and played the cello, with only one different thing, by that moment there was someone special in my live and I started to write frecuently... And then when I was 40 I thought I was the same 20 year old girl who wanted to scream to the rest of the world that they were just some army of ants pointing their antennas to the wrong direction. Yesterday I turned 50, my first novel was published five years ago, and by this moment I feel like I'm in my 30's, I wanna get a nice bath at the beach, drink a cup of wine looking at the sunset and rest in my hamaca all day long.

He's there for me, we never said goodbye, one night I told him if I met him when we were old, I'd kiss him like the first time, and I did. So he never left me and that is why right now he's waiting for me to stand in front of him to say that my eyes are still dancing as I hug him and I think mama this surely is a dream.

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