viernes, julio 30, 2010


Sea waves sound quite perfect to me.
I feel so alive when I hear them on the rocks.
Now the short waves take me to the deep side.

Way under starlight, I dive.
I look up and I can hear you breathing.
I dream of you and I don't want to wake up.

You told me that dream would never end.
I've noticed something.
My lips tremble when I think of dogs and waves.

I really want to hear that voice again.
Now it feels like we talk yesterday.
Now I hear the rustle of the sea.
You. The stone that I need.

María Fernanda Núñez Sarmiento.

viernes, julio 23, 2010

Gotta stay awake

They'll want to move us to a deserted place.
Far from the constant household noise,
away from everything we have ever known.
But, they just don't know how to fly.

When they find out we know they don't know how,
they'll wait for us to get sleep.
But, we gotta stay awake, we gotta try and dream.

The force of gravity remains,
when they try to take us with them, they can't.
Only together, antigravity appears.
We fly, far away.

martes, julio 06, 2010

One day I decided to start over

At the end of the road she'll realized she wasn't what she thought she was. A tourist in this world. A vagabond. A fool. What it gets to get, it's no more than an open mind. A little bit of this and that.

At the end of the road what it goes in the middle of attraction and reaction, it's just something like the spontaneous feeling of action. An unintended act, materialized by a unique type of action shows no more than an unintended way of living.

At the end of the road there's no need to live waiting for someone else to go and fight our own battles. This world is not only a place to stay. And the answer is not
always isolation. We start to isolate ourselves from others in order to keep everything for us.

At the end of the road a lonely and silent final seems to be appropriate. What a better way to promote isolation than in a place where the light seems to fight against shadows all the time? Trying so hard to protect us from ourselves.

One day she'll find a new way to start over. Right now everything seems so enlighted and clear. "Get a degree. Get a job. Get married. Get a life".

Maybe not at the end of the road she'll see, and ask them
What about getting a road of my own?

A little bit of this and that. Balance. Discipline. Madness, delusion, frenzy. Fertility and thought.Sensitivity to nature. Perspective. Vision. Passion, joy, calm.



Tengo una noche
perdida entre recuerdos.
Ya no sé cuando fue.
Ayer, creo que hoy... tal vez.
Y llega, y se pierde... no sé.

Quiero verte aquí.

Por la mañana, decirte adiós.
Y por la noche llevarte al mar.
Hacer fuego y bailar,
sin mover los pies, caminar.