lunes, febrero 13, 2012

Una sola ola

En una ola, mil calles,
llevas contigo mi alma.
Cuéntame cuando mires la luna
y sientas la calma.

Cuando empieces a nadar,
y los años te muestren
verdades evaporadas.
Dime adiós, pero regresa.
Y no dejes de olvidarme.

Se quema la vida,
hierven las aguas infinitas.
Por fin, hablas con el mar,
Eres una ola.

domingo, febrero 12, 2012

Two strangers were born

I remember you.
Living into green dead hours.
Going trough a lonely window,
made out of uncolored globes.

Always silent, always strong.

Someone told me to let go.
I said: I won't.
I believe, but I'll never know.
Very far I see you'll go.

No one really knows their words,
and there are many kinds of love.
Maybe I should start walking,
get used to say goodbye, and don't.

miércoles, febrero 08, 2012

If I had a bike.

I know I'll do,
more than I could
to take you away,
to make you forget.

Our heart looks in pain.
Living from memoirs in
those vanished days.
will we go on? or
will we travel, instead?

Not much I can do.
Not much I can say,
just to love the one you're with,
more than you could.

I don't know if I can.
I feel nothing won't do.
It will be a really good ride,
If I only had that bike.