domingo, octubre 24, 2010

What you mean to me

Let me reassure you, I will.
It seems we lost in space, in time, now is just another day.
And letting the days go by, we win in space, in time.
I don't know how to act. No matter how much I try
All I know is you're the one I can't be without.
And this puzzle, I can't hide.
We'll be together in the summer time
Please hold the earth above me, lay down in the green grass.
Wait until tomorrow, wait until next time.
Don't say good bye to me,
we can't hold the feelings which are crossing the brain
So I'll just open the window, and fly away.
You're my lover, I'm your peer.
It's about space and time.
No matter how much I'll try, I'll try and I'll try.
You keep me in mind, there's nothing else in mine.
Just another day telling you what you mean to me.
And you meant for me much more, than anyone I've met before.

Many songs sings the words I want to tell you every morning, every night.
But none of them, sings it all. I don't even know if I can sing them all.

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