martes, octubre 19, 2010

Nothing is the same after tonight

We can't expect to feel good by following any kind of motto. We grow to obtain the approval of others and the system, but when we try to think different we don't fit in. Maybe there's not such a thing as an objective model of making your life valuable. And that's the point, it has to be meaningful and valuable to you, not to others. So I hope to find and answer being strong about my convictions and my faith.

So the social agreement we made to create a more productive society, really made us reject the power of struggling with ourselves, and accept we can't be and do what we really want, when in fact we just need to want it bad. We created the illusion of just one and only individual in the form of a colectivity, that way we could give up to that responsibility we always feel, but trying to hide it couldn't be the real answer. "You know that you're doing it. You know it's not a good thing. Not doing it would make you feel better. You know that by doing it you won't win anything, or have any fun. You wish you could stop it. You finally manage to stop it, and feel so much better without it. However, you never learn the lesson, and start doing it again the very next day. No, it's not heroin addiction, it's procrastination"

What else besides social and political institutions can show us the human seek for objectivity around the world? Institutions set what we're suposed to be, what we're supposed to have, and how we're supposed to get it. I'm more than willing to transform that with a conscious approach to all kind of knowledge and perspectives, in order to find out my convictions and my faith. In order to face the struggle with myself. I'll try to remember that I need to remember and I gotta fight it.

I see some kind of connection in most of the things we don't usually think about when I think about them, and I know sometimes I can be a little bit confusing. It seems that one thing has led me to another consecutively. I'm about to challenge conventional and traditional beliefs when such beliefs lacked roots in logic and reason. Everything is connected and nothing is the same after tonight.

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