lunes, octubre 11, 2010

Exchange the experience

Sometimes is difficult to speak about your most deep feelings because we actually think a lot of things at the same moment, about the same subject, and that makes us feel different about everything.. Different parts of us speak together and the things we think can easily change. We fabricate the image of what we are so the few people that stand us don't get tired of us, and it's sad becouse sometimes we're so afraid to be rejected, that we keep most of the things we'll love to tell the world about, to ourselves.. Or maybe we're just shy, we're all the same. More than one person in the world is asking the same thing as you.. We are all connected.. We don´t have to create ourselves to others, we just have to share it. Say the world: I'm here, that's all.

The first time I missed someone for real, I had this feeling of losing something inside of me, I felt like it was never gonna be the same.. And I was wrong, the feeling didn't went away, it became stronger because it was real.. I started to share it, without any other idea but being true to myself, not just trying to get along with someone or be accepted. The response is never known, we can believe many things but we're never gonna be sure. The answer must be in the attempt. So I believe in change as a way of transforming who we are, and I believe that if I'm willing to share that I'm not different, that I feel the world in this way or another, others are willing to do the same. So we don't have to be haters if we're willing to accept that fact, nature connects us in such unbelieveable ways.. that just blurs the picture and reveals what is hidden..real time will never get us..

I'm far of trying to be selfish about this. At the very beggining of the story, this issue is really showing us the question about how to start sharing what we are, and how to let go the idea of trying to build role models in society. This is at least, a question about the individual aproximation to cultural imperialism. But, why will I say something like this? How the hell is this related to the personal growth bullshit I just talked about?

First point, something I heard this morning:"humans have no instinct" Well, I get a little bit confused since I've always thought about instinct like something more or less similar to the knee jerk reaction, properly called the patellar reflex. An automatic response to something, and this automatic response happens to be involuntary, unintentional. So there I found the answer to my confussion. Because if the second one is unintentional, having no meaning in the field of consciousness, the other could be located on the oposite side. Then I found out that instinct has this properties: is common to all species, is a form of adaptation, is complex, wich means is a process with several steps to be made, and has a global meaning that compromises all the organism.

Second point, related to the one and only property that I'm interested in: instinct as a form of adaptation. Differents aproximations to the understanding of humanity have agreed that in order to replace some biological shortcomings, that makes us unable to live in nature in the primitive way that it was given to us, humans developed the ideas that supports what we understand as instincts today, the well known instincts of survival and reproduction. These ideas made possible the triumph of civilization.

Third point. "Humans have no instinct" Asuming the risk of being deterministic, I must say that I believe the triumph of civilization stands in the biggest lie ever.. If we think about it, survival is not the natural instinct of helping the members of my specie. And let's avoid the topic of reproduction, because I truely believe I don't have to explain how people are having their sexual relationships nowadays, is not the result of this instinct. The idea of cooperation for the development of a social group really hides a dependence relationship that we created because we are not able to survive counting only on us. This could be the explanation for the different ways of understanding the social behavior of each culture.

Fourth point. Cultural Imperialism is a way to go back in time and convince people they're not able to do it their way. Too many time has passed since we got here, and that's a fact. But still some time remains to us, no to fight against what we already are, but to understand we can always transform ourselves. We are sons of this civilization and there are many good things we've taken to the growth of our souls, and in others we can also find our answers. So please, don't accept the fact that your culture is the right one, don't try to change someone who believes in a different spiritual guide, don't try to impose a way of seeing and understanding the world, because when we start repeating a lie and we repeat it many times, we are going to end up believing.

Bottom line:
This is not just personal growth bullshit, is just the truth that I want to believe by now..

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