lunes, septiembre 27, 2010

Making solid air

We better laugh and leave our body for a while.
When you do, you're not coming back..
How can you handle it?
How do you realize you've fallen?
because you're human, one of a kind.

I remember how you looked..
that night at the hall..
it never went away..
human after all..

How can you be here and there?
One day you'll see again..
the moon owns a secret smile
the rivers and the mountains holding us.
Holding us..

The cold in our hands.
We can always steal some heat..
After a while we'll be
freezing time again..
Making solid air,
Humans after all

That day time will see us realign
I'll be able to tell the story
of a cocrodile using a pair of spectacles,
making sure to laugh, once and for all..

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