martes, abril 28, 2009


Why here? my eyes have asked
Why you? my lips have said
I find you close
A kiss on the air

María Fernanda Núñez Sarmiento

Maybe 'cuz it seemed so real
your eyes have drowned, your lips have felt,
your soul have flown, then the mistery is solved.
Or not? ^^

Adriana Lucía Gómez Valderrama

I won't forget a thing.
Now, when more than 4 days have passed
I realize I might not solve the mistery.
This weird feeling of having the bests flying candies
in my mouth because of yours.
I did what I feel and, as always,
I feel no regreats at all.

My lovely wire boy,
I created a toy.

María Fernanda Núñez Sarmiento.

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