domingo, noviembre 22, 2009

For you

I'm not physically in the place we met, but still I'm living that moment again, and I'm sure I'll live it again, and again, and again... like the many many times I think about you, and your lovely smile. Like the many times I feel you so close, without even see you with my eyes wide open... and also those moments when I feel that you are so far, far away into the blue.

And feeling that way it's not sad or wrong... It's just the way it is... I really don't know why but I feel there's always going to be a time for us... a time that no clock can name, a time that nobody can take, a time that we'll share for ever.

Everything about you puts a smile on my face, so clear and real. And feeling this way, gladly reliving every moment in my mind, I have no reason to doubt about the reasons I have to give you every word and every song I've wrote.

You know this is for you.

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