sábado, octubre 29, 2011

Anyone else, but you .

Holding that back,
you chose to take one road;
waking life alone,
calling it your home.

Honey, what you really want is jump,
so don't worry, cuz you won't get hurt.
When you've flown, she will know.
If only you say it and don't.
When she's gone, you´ll know;
you are the first one she saw.

Waiting for a day to come;
when you build that boat,
when you make time stop.

You've said hopelessly in love,
But you know...time flies by
So don't wait until she's gone.
Cuz she'd fly away with you,
if you really wanted to.

You know... Now and then.
She's already gone with you.
Anyone else, but you.

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